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Dr. Christine Thevathasan


Dr Christine Thevathasan is a female gynaecologist practicing in Malvern and Brighton in Melbourne.

Contact Dr Christine Thevathasan

Ph: 9500 1828

339 Glenferrie Rd
Malvern. Melbourne

Dr Thevathasan specialises in:


Menstrual Management

Managing menstrual problems


Comprehensive birth control plans


If a pap smear has shown abnormal results

Operative Gynaecology

Especially for the management of vaginal prolapse

We have moved!


Dr Christine Thevathasan will be relocating from Raeburn House and from August 1st, 2022 will be practicing under the entity MIGYNAE in Malvern.

Address & contact details are:

A: 339 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern 3144

P: 9500 1828



Dr Christine Thevathasan will continue to consult from Brighton at 132 Bay St.

Are you looking for a female gynaecologist in Melbourne?

Based in Malvern and Brighton in Melbourne, Dr Thevathasan is dedicated to providing women with the best gynaecological care available.

Drawing on her years of extensive training, knowledge and experience, Dr Thevathasan ensures personalised services tailored to every woman's needs.


Contact Dr Christine Thevathasan to make an appointment

Call 03 9500 1828